Thanks to modern technology, a revolutionary new treatment called Cryolipolysis or “Fat Freezing” makes it possible to remove that last bit of fat and achieve that well sculpted body. Cryolipolysis is a non-invasive, simple, effective and safe alternative to liposuction. The procedure uses cooling technology to freeze and permanently damage the fat cells.

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Mesolipolysis is a minimally invasive dermal injection treatment that breaks down the connective tissue bands between fat cells, reducing the appearance of cellulite and smoothening and shaping the skin at the same time. It is highly effective in reducing localized pockets of fat. Mesolipolysis is a relatively painless procedure due to the use of anaesthetic creams applied to the area prior to injection. Mild bruising may appear in the area for a few days. The number of sessions required depends on the extent of the area and the amount of fat. Usually 3-4 sessions are required at gaps of 3-4 weeks.

Skin tightening with thermage

Apart from fat reduction, tightening of lax skin also forms an integral part of body contouring. Laxity of skin may occur on areas like abdomen, arms and thighs after pregnancy or weight loss. It is possible to improve the shape of the area by tightening and firming the skin. Thermage body procedures are an excellent way to improve the laxity of skin using radiofrequency. The procedure has no down time and the results are seen gradually over 4-6 months. Thermage also helps to temporarily improve appearance of cellulite.

Threadlift (For Body)

Body threadlift is the ideal procedure for those seeking tightening and lifting of body area like arms, abdomen, buttocks and thighs. It is ideal for those wanting a minimally invasive treatment and the results are excellent. PDO mono threads as well as COG threads can be used, depending on the severity of sag and nature of the skin. The results of COG threads are visible immediately, while mono threads take a while before the results are seen. Both the threads get completely absorbed in a few months, however the results last for a year or sometimes longer.

Sweat Free

Sweating is a way by which your body releases the toxins and regulates your body temperature. But for some people, excessive sweating leads to a lot of inconvenience and embarrassment. For most people, the major area of concern are underarms, palms and soles. We offer the following treatments that can help excessive sweating or hyperhidrosis:

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Stretch marks, which occur in about 90 percent of pregnant women, are most common on the abdomen, breasts and thighs. They can be pink to dark brown, depending on your skin tone. Over time, stretch marks fade to a silvery color. They may be accompanied by laxity of skin especially on the abdomen.

Face sculpting

Face sculpting or facial recontouring is a process of reshaping the face with the help of various methods to achieve an aesthetically pleasing attractive and more youthful look. The current trends are to achieve a leaner, sharper face with sharp jawline. The procedures that are commonly used to contour the face are

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